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Is this result fine for a gtx 1070 fe on fire strike?

Hello guys i have a gtx 1070 fe not overclocked with a ryzen 5 1600x not overclocked and 16gb ram ddr4 2666mhz (2x8gb)

And after running firestrike the ruslts are as follow:

Graphics score=17616

Graphics test 1=82.97 fps

Graphics test 2=71.13 fps

Physics score=16501

Physics test=52.39 fps

Combined score=6640

Combined test=30.89 fps


And the overall result is 14986


And this is a screen of the results:

So what you think guys are the result fine and normal for a gtx 1070 fe?


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Looks okay to me, compare your results online (using the button of course) with benchmarks of similarly specced computers and if it's close, it's fine. :)

"You think your Commodore 64 is really neato! What kind of chip you got in there a Dorito?" -Weird Al Yankovic, All about the pentiums


PC 1(Lenovo S400 laptop): 

CPU: i3-3217u

SSD: 120gb Super Cache mSATA SSD

HDD: Random seagate 5400rpm 500gb HDD


OS: Windows 10 education


PC 2(2014 Mac Mini):

CPU: i5-4260u

HDD: 5400rpm 500gb

RAM: 4gb DDR3 (soldered on :( )

OS: MacOS Sierra/Windows 10 pro via bootcamp


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