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Headphones for up to 50$

Omega Cell

Hello everyone i need help to chose best headphones for myself for a up to 50$ budged.

I need them to be as loud as possible with as crispy clean sound as they can have, as well as 3.5mm jack and Usb for pluging them on phone and pc

I have found these 2 models at my local retailer but i'm open for some more suggestions from you guys and gals :)

1- https://www.emmi.rs/slu%C5%A1alice-i-mikrofoni-slu%C5%A1alice-sa-mikrofonom-tnb-csmgame1.11.html?productId=59260

2- https://www.emmi.rs/slu%C5%A1alice-i-mikrofoni-slu%C5%A1alice-sa-mikrofonom-aula-storm-gaming.11.html?productId=63729


Thanks in advance :)

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For headphones under 50 $ there are usually just a few options : Superlux HD668B, Superlux HD681, and the HyperX Cloud Stinger  but these have only a 3.5 mm jack. If you desperately need a USB connection on them you could look at the Logitech G430 7.1 DTS, or the G230 , or G231.

If you decide to go for one of the 2 you've listed  I'd say go for the AULA , at least is a brand I've heard before , or at least I've seen in tech stores in a few countries here in Europe ,also the design is better I'd say (the mic is retractable in the interior of the headset which I would consider a bonus) .

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