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Upgrade advice for i7 920 system for use as second pc

Lux Z Tizer

I have an old i7 920 build I’d like to upgrade. I already have a powerful gaming rig (i7 9700k, rtx2700, M.2) from nzxt bld coming soon so I’m just looking for some advice on the most economical way to update my current system as something to have as sorta of backup or a casual game rig (ie lego games, minecraft, indie games, and fallout 4/skyrim with less than top settings).

I have been considering just updating the cpu but it seems that the price to performance difference for a xeon 5690 or i7 990 extreme is outclassed by i3 8100 which does require ddr4 and new motherboard but I don’t want to spend money getting a cpu that will not have a noticeable improvement over the i7 920. Is that an accurate assessment?  I’m also really unfamiliar with what AMD has been doing for the last 8 years so that option isn’t on my radar but I’m not opposed to the idea of it. I prioritize longevity and reliability well over overclocking potential, generally I don’t overclock anymore.

Here is my current setup

I7 920 @ 2.67
GTX 1050 Ti
12 Gigs of DDR 3 (8@1600, 4@1333)
Intel DX58SO MB

Should I try to update the CPU in the MB to max capacity and probably even out the ram so it’s 16@1600 or replace most everything with an i3 8100 or AMD options or something else?

I’m happy with the video card for what this computer will be doing so that’s probably the component that I have no plans to upgrade. My budget is flexible but I don’t need two powerful gaming rigs so I’m really just looking for the most economical way to upgrade the second pc so it’s not so bottlenecked by the cpu (which is an untested assumption).


Thanks for any advice.

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Well, to start is a 8100 a overpriced cpu. Ryzen (new amd series) have been great so far and you can build a good system with it, but ryzen does require high speed ddr4. So a good xeon would be a great idea to get the most out of this system, so you can spend money on something else down the line. X58 (if I'm right) is still a platform loved by many

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