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OPPO R15 CHP1835 no fastboot


I am so lost here...


So I am trying to either root my Oppo, or better yet, get rid of the ridiculous ColorOS that is currently on the phone. I have rooted android phones before, but this is an entirely different situation. I have come to a roadblock, and from my own research and testing on my device, it appears that Oppo has locked out Fastboot and made the "OEM Unlock" switch in Developer Options a dummy switch. Here is the steps I have taken so far:


- USB Debugging on

- OEM Unlock enabled

- ADB reboot commands

- All appropriate drivers (device appears as "Android ADB Interface" in Device manager to use ADB)

- All combinations of 'Volume Up', 'Volume Down', 'Power Button'


Everytime I try a new approach to get into the fastboot, it only boots into recovery mode, also run by ColorOS.

I have also tried "Volume Down" and then plugging in USB, boots into recovery again. Same with using "Volume Up".


While researching this issue, I found out that Oppo has locked the fastboot from their phone to "Lock" their users to ColorOS. This is ridiculous. Surely there is a way around it. Have they encrypted the entire storage system to prevent flashing? When I sent them an email asking about their encryption type on the phone, I got no reply. I sent it a month ago, simply asking what type of encryption they use. Not hard to answer with a simple "The system uses xxxx type encryption."


I've had enough of this phone locking me out. I don't like the fact that there seems to be no way to get into the system. Nothing works to change out of the stupid ColorOS system, which just begs the question, WHY? Why don't they want anyone leaving the ColorOS system? I don't like being told what I can and can't do with something I paid $600 for. Is there ANY possible way to put any OS on the phone apart from the Bloatware filled ColorOS?

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