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Help choosing motherboard


So I got a Xeon e5 2696 v4, and surprisingly there's almost no info about it. This CPU doesn't even have a product page on Intel's site. I have been wanting to build a PC with this for a while now, but just hadn't gotten up to it until now. I'm really confused because I don't understand what chipset I'm supposed to use and if I use the wrong BIOS then it will fry it (apparently).

I don't want a dual CPU motherboard because I don't have the money to get another one of those and I didn't even have the money to get one of those in the first place. I want a standard motherboard that can use normal RAM, if that's even a thing for those processors. And I want it to be a normal ATX form factor so it can fit in and normal case and I won't need anything special. I'm sorry for being a total noob about PC's and stuff but hey - I got it for free so might as well use it. Thanks!

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looks like its a Broadwell processor (5th gen by Intel),

Similar processor to Xeon e5 2696:


5th Gen Intel Processors:


I think any workstation/server based 5th gen chipset motherboard should work fine.

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