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Weird messed up colours in some windows (happened only couple times)


Can't explained it better then posting a screenshot. Never happened in game, only couple times noticed (4 times at most). 3 times in Steam window as it's on screenshot (only one window, you can see that game behind, even rest of the steam overlay including some parts of the chat are visible), while today it happened in Google Drive Excel but Steam was behind I was loging in in that moment.
It's happening very rarely (I bought this new gpu before 2 months now and only now I can say that happened 3-4 times most (RX570)). Tried 2 different drivers since one newer got released and I updated it (DDU procedure in safe mode, done).
Is this something common with AMD ?
4770k/16gb ddr3/ssd/hdd were there with my old 770 before upgrade to RX570 and I didn't notice this issue for 2 months which is how long I had PC.
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