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Windows update taking a long time on new build


I recently rebuilt a computer with new motherboard (ASRock z390 pro4), ram (16 GB, 3200mhz), CPU (i5 9600k) and nvme (Samsung 970). First time building by myself, but everything has gone fine up until now. I'm in the process of doing windows updates and seems to be going extremely slowly. It's been installing "feature update to windows 10, version 1803" and has only gone from 67% to 70% in about an hour.


Task manager says its operating between 60-100% most of the time, but it only seems to be getting a read speed of < 1MB/s and write speed <10MB/s  most of the time. It also says CPU utilisation is <5% and ram 2.9GB/16GB


Is this normal? Or have I done something wrong?

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