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3rd party international shipping for Switch


I am in the US trying to get a Eevee edition switch. I can only find it for a reasonable price from the Nintendo UK store, and to get it I would have to use a 3rd party international shipping company to get it from a warehouse in the UK to me. I'm trying to find a great and affordable option. I'm currently looking at Borderlinx and Shippn.


I will also need to know the dimensions and weight of the box with all its contents inside, and I can't find it anywhere!! So if anybody owns one of these or can find one in a physical store, it would be great if you could let me know what the numbers are!


Here is the link to the UK store site with the Switch:



Here is Borderlinx:



and here is Shippn:




This will be my first time doing international shipping from a 3rd party like this, and I really want to know who can do it at a low cost and reliably, and there's also always a chance they'll take my money and switch and run so I need to know who can ship it at a low cost and be reliable about it. Thanks!

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2 minutes ago, 1kv said:

Apparently borderlinx aren't operating anymore. What about parcl? I don't know how much shipping will cost but its worth a try.


Thank you! I will consider this service. Hopefully they have a cost calculator and good reviews

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