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Searching for dirt cheap yet healthy and functional 1TB 2.5 sata HDDs


My local suppliers are asking $65 NZD and online $55+$11 shipping,


I wanna try finding a pair of healthy 1TB drives to finalize my HP build. have the 500GB hd & one of 3 1TB HDs,

Knowing second hand is a bit of a risk, frankly I don't give a crap. This is ultimately a budget build designed to handle video I don't care about, but handle it no less.


Ideally shooting for single drive write speeds between 50-100MB/s as the motherboard I believe has a sata 2 controller, that sees 250MB/s speeds both ways.

With that said, practically any 2.5" drive can meet this these days anyway.


Knowing 3.5TB of storage for a budget build is excessive, again, frankly i don't give a crap.

If you were sitting around with a few hundred NZD i bet a fellow enthusiast would be doing exactly the same.


I'm in New Zealand, and have searched EVEVRYWHERE here, nothing can beat the prices I've found to date.

Drives Required are of the 2.5" Form Factor. I made the genius move and was able to squeeze 4 drives total in!

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well given current pricing here in NZD is around 55-65, I've made considerations for shipping, so around $150

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