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URGENT: constant Pc partial freeze and lockup. Help needed to diagnose


If anyone could help troubleshooting my pc freeze issue that would be much appreciated. It happens randomly, mostly during multiple YouTube playback or working in 3d file. Pc and cpu definitely not overheat nor at load. Sometimes 5mins into startup, sometimes an hour. Like I said... Random. When it hangs, the system behaves at a partial responsive state where the time stops and some programs stops and yet there are some others who can still respond to clicks and scrolling. Video becomes stuttering should it plays. Most of the time it will just be loading indefinitely till I hard resets. 10 to 20% of the time the pc recovers after 10mins before freezing again. I normally just do a hard resets.


Heres a video link to explain the freeze better.



Cpu: Amd ryzen threadripper 2990wx

Ram corsair vengeance led 4x16 3000mhz

GpU Zotac Amp extreme 1080ti(swapped with old 780 to troubleshoot)

Mobo MSI Meg creation x399

PSU corsair ax1500i 80+ titanium

Cooler Thermaltake flow tt 360premium rgb



2x 2tb 7200rpm wd sata

1x corsair force 128gb ssd

1x 1tb 970 Evo Samsung nvme

1x 1tb 960evo Samsung nvme


I've done the following to test:

Memtest86 24 hours 3 pass no error

Remove all but one ram stick(swap slots etc)

Swap GpU slots and swap GpU to my old working gtx 780oc

Removed all drives except os(nvme m.2) to boot

Reset cmos with no OC

Clean reinstall windows and GpU drivers


It's a very disturbing issue and I am rushing for an urgent work deadline now... Just cannot work with this issue constantly forcing me to hard reset.  :(

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  • 2 years later...

I have the exact same issue. Found out anything?

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