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Weird problem with booting on a z370 extreme 4 asrock.


Recently I bought an i5 8600k system with 8gb 3600mhz of ram, I reutilized the 1060 6gb I had on the older system and the 1 SSD, + 2 HDDs, a wd blue 1tb and a hd502jj 500gb, the psu is a corsair vx 550w.

So long story short the problem are as follows, if my HD502JJ which is a old 2009 disk sata ii is plugged to one of the 2 SATA Ports that are not native so in my case the ASMedia ASM1061 the HDD only functions after a clear CMOS, if i turn off pc and then turn on again from cold the hdd will make a weird noise and then I cant boot.

So after I initially identified the sound I just unplugged the hdd but here's the weird part, if i do that the SSD which is a Samsung 840 120GB EVO won't boot up either, it will show me this message:



Now more information that makes this problem super sketchy and hard to diagnose...Remember when the 500GB HDD is plugged to the ASMedia ASM1061 ports it only works after a clear cmos, but as soon as im on the windows I can restart pc as many times as i want and even visit the bios, the problem only occurs if i shut down the whole system...

Then I though, ok lets plug the HDD to the native sata ports just like the SSD and the other 1TB HDD and this time when i start the pc the HDD doesnt make any noise but guess what? Since the 500GB HDD isn't being reconized the SSD doesn't boot and shows that message. 

So long story short: the only way I can acess the pc is if i plug the 500gb to one of the asmedia ports and then do a clear cmos and then never turn the pc off again...

Guys please does anyone have any idea what is going on here or had a similar issue its driving me crazy..please ask away if you need more information about my system.

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