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Rtx 2080 ti FE (After burner, oc scan results)


I figured I would share the results of my afterburner (oc scan) test here, in case anyone is curious about the overclock potential of the rtx 2080 ti FE. Of course duly noting that every card OC's differently, and that these where the second best results I managed to get after hours of running the test over and over. I at one point managed to get a average overclock of 146+ instead of 141+, but that one was overall worse curve wise.


I managed to hit 651 on the memory, and I think it might be able to reach 700-800. I played fallout 76 with 700-800 and it acted weird, then again Bethesda is known for making buggy ass games. I did however have the rain stuck on my screen after it stopped raining (800), so I just dropped it back down to 651 in the end to be safe.




I have no idea if it's a bad, average, or good overclock results. 


If anyone got any good (free) benchmark tests I can run over night whilst I am sleeping to detect artifacts I am open to suggestions ^^, or if there is anything like oc scan but then for memory clock overclocking (with I am pretty sure there sadly enough isn't as of now, but I might be wrong) 

I did try to manually overclock, but after 2-3 hours of trying I just let OC scanner do the work ?

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