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BitFenix Alchemy Extension Cables



Hi, and welcome to my review of the BitFenix Alchemy cables, from BitFenix, a brand that I had never actually heard of prior to buying these cables, so I had a wide range of expectations when I first read on Amazon about these cables.


This was my first time experiencing custom cables - and combs - but I had watched plenty of custom cable guides so I knew what I was doing in terms of how to use cable combs, and most importantly how to correctly use the extensions properly and not just insert them straight into the power supply!


I got the 24-pin and 6-pin cables for £8.99 and £6.49 respectively, from Amazon UK. The combs from UpHere I got for £3.99 also on Amazon UK.






First off, the 24-pin ATX cable. It's a 45cm custom sleeved cable, that I bought in white obviously to match my build! It was honestly cumbersome to stretch out straight, since in the package, it came bent into a half, so straightening it out was a pain.




I did however thankfully buy myself combs on top of the cables, so the combs were my saving grace in my time of OCD need.




I was surprised to find the cables and combs were an exact match, but I'm too uneducated on custom cables to know if this is the normality for every custom cable set. It's a nice coincidence since the combs were a huge benefit in getting my 24-pin straightened up and looking fabulous. The cable was extremely hard to bend and I was honestly thinking of taking the easy way out and bending the cable around the watercooling resevoir bar of the NZXT S340, but I wanted my build to look as clean as I could get it, and succeeded using blood, sweat, and tears to get that damn 24-pin cable bent where I want it.




Next up was the 6-pin PCIE cable, the second and last cable I ordered. This cable was more of a pleasant experience since it was relatively easy to get a 6-pin cable done up.


... At least, that's what I thought, until this cable also had the same problem as the 24-pin, and refused to bend in the right way.




Once again, cable combs to the rescue, and once again, my beautiful vision of a custom cable job was saved.




This cable was super easy to set up, simply connect it to the existing 6+2-pin - stock Corsair PSU cable - and insert the extension into the GPU, and then proceed to stuff the rest of the 30cm extension into the PSU shroud because it was honestly the only way.

The combs once again saved the aesthetics and now my GPU suddenly looks like a superstar with all that matching white.




Closing with some final thoughts, and I have to say immediately that these cables are excruciatingly tought to bend and get straightened up, but thankfully I was smart enough to buy some combs which I will reiterate are a perfect fit and I'm not sure if that's on purpose or if it's a happy accident, but I'll take it! The cables were also so cheap yet they feel so high quality. Both cables were under £10 a piece and they do their job, so I have absolutely no complaints about the pricing of these.


My one complaint, as I've mentioned before, is with how rigid the combs are. The cables have a severe case of viagra, they are far too stiff and rigid, and without the help of combs, they would be lost and I would have probably returned these and asked for a refund.


The cables overall are a great pick-up, which I honestly bought on impulse due to me wanting some aesthetic upgrades to my build. BitFenix did a great job on these particularly since the price stands out a lot, even if, once again, they take a heavyweight lifter to bend into shape.

Would I recommend these? Hell yeah I would, if you want something low-budget but visually empowering for your build.




mechanical keyboard switches aficionado & hi-fi audio enthusiast

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Ordered some of these cables too. Interested to see how well they will look with the rest of my hardware :D

Ex-EX build: Liquidfy C+... R.I.P.


Meshify C – sold

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Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse – ded

Intel SSD 660p 1TB – sold

be Quiet! Straight Power 11 750w – sold

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