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Drive with 2TB of files on it showing 5TB used


**UPDATE** The issue is not as it seemed at first. It appears that the disk is indeed nearly full, and the discrepancy is a result of Windows failing to include all files in its calculation of the disks capacity. For example the first folder "Active Projects" in the drive Active Projects shows as being around 200gb, but just one of its subfolders has over 2TB of media. I'm now trying to figure out why Windows is drastically underreporting the amount of data in some folders.


Here is the original post:



I'm a video editor, and my system has a boot drive and 3 others for media and backups. These 3 drives are:


Active Projects (2x HGST 3TB NAS HDDs in an OWC Mercury Electra Pro Dual, hardware RAID 0, 5.28TB NTFS formatted capacity, USB3.1)

Scratch (1TB HGST HDD, NTFS, internal SATA3)

Backups (8TB Seagate HDD, NTFS, USB3)


Active Projects currently has 1.7TB of data stored on it, but Windows reports that it only has 177GB free. There is one hidden file (sync.ffs_db which is used for my backup system FreeFileSync, less than 1MB) and nothing in the recycle bin. Windows thinks there are 5.28TB of files on Active Projects alone, but the total capacity used by Backups (which contains Active Projects, Scratch, and my boot drive) is only 3.74TB. Adding up the sizes of the projects saved on Active Projects and Backups, there is absolutely no way I have over 5TB of media on Active Projects. 


I have attached many screenshots for your reference, and would be happy to provide any other information to diagnose this.


Any idea how to correct this, ideally without reformatting the RAID? 





all files size.PNG


Edited by Steven Porter
Updated to more accurately describe this issue
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Zagna, WizTree revealed a bunch of media files that Explorer apparently did not see. I dug deeper into some of the project files, and it looks like the disk is indeed nearly full. The weird thing now is that the Properties tab for the individual folders still do not add up to the total used space. One folder has terabytes of media in it, but only shows its size as a few hundred gigs. Any ideas as to why Windows is reporting folders smaller than the sum of their contents?


As far as I am aware, there is nothing special at all about anything on this drive. No weird permissions, no hidden files or folders, no unusual formats. Just video footage (mostly from DSLRs) and exported media in MP4 and DNxHD. 

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