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ryzen master and EDC at 100% CPU load


hello. if this has been covered elsewhere i apologize, please redirect. i was looking to overclock my 2700x on my gigabyte x470 aorus gaming 7 wifi but notice that at stock ryzen master shows that the % EDC (electrical design current) is near the maximum of 140A (oddly there is a EDC value of 140A that the percentage is calculated from but a "limit" of 168A). this is with all cores operating at 100% load at around 3.95ghz.....stock settings. I am aware that windows power settings can cause this at idle but in my case im concerned about staying at the EDC limit while the processor is running at 100% across all cores. the computer runs 24/7 with all cores loaded to 100% to run scientific calculations. 

if i change any overclocking settings in the BIOS i can no longer see an EDC reported by ryzen master. am i correct in assuming that if i was to overclock i would be exceeding the EDC limit? is there any way to measure EDC other than ryzen master as this doesnt work once overclocking? what would be a safe EDC target to aim for in a system that is running at 100% load across all cores 24/7? what is the main issue with running at or slightly over EDC assuming i keep my computer's VRMs cool? on a related note what is an ideal save limit on the vrms? 

sorry for all the questions, 

thanks kindly

p.s. my intended overclock isnt anything crazy, just looking for ~4.1-4.2Ghz across all cores....basically whatever is stable ~1.35-1.4v on the vcore and 1.15v on the vcore soc. effectively ~150-250mhz over the stock turbo boost i get (ie up from 3.95ghz) across all cores.

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