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Looking for the best 1440P 165 Hz+ Gsync monitor.


looking for the best 1440P 165 Hz+ Gsync monitor.

Must be 27"

My top contenders right now are as follows.

IPS Panels

Asus PG279Q

Acer XB271HU

TN Panels

Asus PG278QR

Acer XB271HUA


I am unsure which to choose, particularity between TN or IPS panel. I don't really care about viewing angles but of course better colors would be a nice to have. I would prefer the TN panel if there is going to be any perceivable difference in responsiveness. All I can say is that my 100Hz IPS screen now feels a bit sluggish to me after trying a 240Hz TN, however, the IPS screens above are some of the fastest available so may not have the same feeling. My main concern with the Asus and Acer TN panels above is that some reviewers say they have a heavy anti glare coating on the screen which the IPS models do not have. Does anybody know an alternative TN model with similar spec to the ones above that does not have an aggressive AG coating? Or should I just go IPS? One additional screen that came across my radar was the OMEN BY HP 27" which is heavily discounted today in UK but I cant find a lot of information on it, particularly about the AG coating. It doesn't seem to have been reviewed by the best reviewers including tftcentral who usually mention these things.

Would appreciate any feedback you guys have for me that may be using one of these panels or have some experience with them.

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