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SSD shows on BIOS and device manager, but not on disk manager or diskpart

Go to solution Solved by martin1592,

Solution here

I've been at this for hours... halp


I'm trying to install a Samsung 860, my PC already has a Samsung 960 M.2 (with Windows) and a random 4TB HDD.


The SSD appears on BIOS and device manager, but it does NOT appear on disk manager or diskpart or other software like speccy.


I've tried:

- Different SATA cables and connectors (even with the ones the current HDD is using which I know work fine).

- Updating BIOS, any related drivers, reinstalling Windows (it didn't show up on the windows installation software either).

- Completed a memory diagnostic test (someone said it worked for him but didnt for me)

- Clear cmos


I dont know what to do anymore... what am I missing?



i7 8700K 



AORUS Z370 Ultra Gaming

Windows 10 Education


Any ideas? I'll provide any extra information if needed.


Thanks in advance!

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