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XFX Vega 56 with AMD Game Bundle


Want to inform that the XFX Rx Vega 56 from Newegg DOES come with the AMD Game Bundle though It is not shown on the Newegg site. I called Newegg and they said they do not offer the game bundle with only this Vega card. Meanwhile every other vega comes with the games... They said to contact AMD and XFX. Called XFX and they said yes they do offer the game bundle once you register the card on the xfx site!


As far as the card goes, it have tons of negative reviews and comments which date back to Jan/Feb 2018. Those all came from miners and enthusiasts trying to flash the BIOS, OC hard, water cool/Morphius etc. Those bury the few positive remarks about the card. Gamers posted the card is good out of the box and with minor Wattman for max settings in AAA titles at 1440p. Freesync monitors are a plus they said too.


If you were lucky to get the card as a shell shocker for 349.99 with a 20.00 rebate before it sold out on Newegg just go to xfx website and register for the promotion 3 free games. You will get Resident Evil 2 remake!!! And those 2 other titles.


Myself and a few others all asked the community here about vega cards since Friday. The prices fluctuated daily all weekend! Powercolor Red Dragon was 399 on Friday with game bundle, then 599 Saturday morning, then 349 Sat afternoon and sold out in minutes. Now today its back to 679 on Newegg. This XFX Vega 56 was 399 from BestBuy with the game bundle Fri-Sat. Sunday it went back to 699 when I decided I was going to buy it! Asus Strix cards went up and down all weekend on every site! Amazon had a flash deal for Vega Strix 64 on Friday for about 4 hours at 474.99 and that sold out by 8pm EST Friday night! Amazonwarehouse has them 20% off but they are all "Used like new" and after tax they came to be the same price as this XFX card without the games. MSI Air Boost the lowest was 339 on amazon and microcenter. I read tons of "avoid Gigabyte vega" posts so I didnt bother researching those cards all weekend. 


I checked this site every few minutes all weekend hunting for a vega deal lol-



XFX Vega 56 does have its issues of course. Concrete TIM and cooler contact and Hybinx memory. It does have some pro. Only takes up 2 slots and have a nice back plate. See what happens when I get the card about the coil whine people commented about.


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