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So, I finally did my 11,000th post, but here's the interesting part, it was posted on a #11 post. Have a look: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/341479-what-gaming-monitor/?p=4657273

  1. Clyne


    didn't u say u left?

  2. Geekazoid


    Not yet mate. I've recently changed that to a 7 month break of which I'll be starting after today.

  3. Clyne


    yeah yeah.......same thing u always got there......always making plans to do this and then changing it to something

    have fun in Detroit or go to Windsor during your break i guess

  4. Geekazoid


    I know I've frequently changed my plans with breaks, but I've usually had a valid reason. And thanks, will do...with my sister, her husband and her kids (my nephews).