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Might get this bugger up today.


After I get finish fighting to load an OS onto it.


And then, later get longer cables for PSU on the other side, so I can get my 1950X back up and re-work it into server/encoding duty.

Yes, that is a drive in the front.  One of the few I know of that can be firmware flashed (long since done) for ripping UHDs.  I have another I have to re-check if I can flash the firmware as well.



  1. Moonzy


    that's an absolute unit of a PC

  2. Prodigy_Smit


    That PC is the equivalent of having this


    as your daily driver vehicle

  3. Ithanul


    1 hour ago, Moonzy said:

    that's an absolute unit of a PC

    Think this case been nickname from server rack, roller rack, behemoth, etc.  I lost count all the names folks I have given it.


    But yeah, it is quite big.  Still sourcing out a few more parts for front ports, more drive bays, etc.

    Need a few more power cables and a SATA expansion cards.