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I was thinking, with the current GPU shortage and the fact that a lot of AMD CPUs (on AM4 for example) don't have iGPUs (yes I know there's a few APUs as well)...


What would it be like if ... maybe AMD could come out with a somewhat low-end GPU, and bundle it with their non-APU CPUs?


I'm thinking something like maybe

  • 256 - 512 cores,
  • 2 GB VRAM
  • 1 - 1.2 GHz clock,
  • PCIe 1x slot
  • fairly low TDP so:
    • passively cooled if 14nm (and a power plug for a fan if the user wants), or
    • no heatsink at all if 7nm (but with screw holes to mount one if the user wants)
      • (use whichever node is more readily available)
  • single-slot, low profile (with full-height bracket included)
  • short length, like < 100-120mm, or shorter than an x16 slot, maybe similar length to an x4 or x8 slot
  • 1 DisplayPort 2.0, 1 HDMI 2.1 (with a DVI-I + VGA adapter that plugs in when using the full-height bracket, or with a 2nd low-profile bracket like some low-end cards have)

These would primarily be bundled with CPUs like the R3-3100/3300X, R5-5600X, R7-5800X, R9-5900X/5950X, and other non-APU AMD CPUs.  If they were sold at retail, I'm thinking they'd be around $25-30 retail price.  (Who knows what scalpers would spike them to, though...)


Hopefully gaming performance would be somewhere around the Ryzen 5 3400G, 3 3200G, or GT 1010 / 1030, or like Intel Iris Xe or so.  (Or good enough to run 2020 AAA titles at 720p medium 30fps, e-sports at 1080p low 60fps, or something like that.)

Maybe Intel could do something similar for their -F CPUs too .. bundle an entry-level PCIe x1 Xe GPU with similar performance to what I mentioned above.

This would primarily be intended for sockets that have motherboard graphics ports, but those particular CPUs don't have on-board graphics, to help lessen the issue of someone buying one of those combos, then learning they need a graphics card to have video out, and not being able to get one at a reasonable price.  Yes, it would be a pretty low-end GPU, but would be intended as a stop-gap until they could save up $ to buy a decent GPU, or prices come down to sane levels.  (btw my definition of "sane" would be like the GTX 200 series refresh - for example GTX 295 was $500, GTX 285 was $360 (vs modern xx80 Ti), GTX 275 was $250 (vs modern xx70 Ti).)

Or am I about to see a moderator reply to this saying....

Status update locked.

This content would be better posted as a topic in the Graphics Cards subforum.




  1. TVwazhere


    18 minutes ago, PianoPlayer88Key said:

    Or am I about to see a moderator reply to this saying....