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Hello LAR_Systems.

Got a bit of an issue I should've notified you of before -  I think my folding samples are screwing up the gpu stats.

Many of my samples are registered as being from 5500Ms, but my GPU is actually a 5300M - it's cut down so much compared to the 5500M that I think it's unecessarily dragging the RX 5500's stats.

Is there any way you could reclassify my 5300M results into their own category for RX 5300's/5300Ms? 



My username is BB63.

Edited by BrandonB63

  1. Spotty


    I believe this is a problem with how the AMD drivers report the cards, or how the folding at home client detects it. The same thing happens with the 6800/6800xt/6900xt all being grouped as one card.