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Are people like, afraid to make money ?

I don't get it. Why are people shamed for asking a price that a majority of people are willing to pay ?



  1. Yummychickenblue
  2. givingtnt


    @Yummychickenblue no, scalpers are not providing something that people want to pay for lol.


    I'm talking about services in general, or skill related work.


    But products too. Like, yeah it costs [some unreasonably inexpensive ammount] to produce something, but if people want to pay 600$ for something I made for 150$.. I'm gonna sell it for 600$..

  3. FezBoy


    Capitalism does that to ya. you get so used to other people undervaluing your labor so that they can make money off of it that you start to undervalue your labor too.

  4. Letgomyleghoe


    I feel morally wrong about it, if it costed me $150, I'm gonna charge maybe $250.


    sometimes I feel bad when people come into my store (especially older folks) order, see the total, and I can see them wince a bit. It feels bad, I know they're to awkward or shy to say "I can't pay for that" after watching their sandwiches get made.

    I know that's completely different than most circumstances, but just my  thoughts