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  1. Theguywhobea


    Damn dude, glad I got Verizon internet I guess.

  2. ARikozuM


    For what reason? There's no difference between 1 person hitting 2TB and 10 people hitting 2TB. You're still necked by your upper bandwidth. 

  3. Donut417


    Welcome to the club. 


    @ARikozuM They did it because they could. Comcast has had caps for at least a decade. The North East of the US was kinda of exemption due to FIOS. But I guess Comcast figures FUCK IT. Just cap every one. They had suspended the caps during the summer, and when they started enforcing them again we went from 1 TB to 1.2 TB of data. So we got a bit more data to use each month. To be honest its just a cash grab. Because if you lease their gateway you can pay $25 a month for the equipment as well as unlimited data. If you own you own modem you pay $30 extra for unlimited data. 

  4. Letgomyleghoe


    imagine paying $120 for 150/10Mbps. couldn't be me...


    fuck comcast tho