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I got a 1570 on the SAT!





(Still taking it again to try to get a better score because the Bay Area.)

  1. Bombastinator


    Nice.  I got 1400 even and felt a bit blessed.  Many many years ago.  Back then a 1570 was considered better than a 1600 because perfect scores tended to be suspect.

  2. Techstorm970



    Bay Area

    Apply to Stanford!!!


    I got a 1410.  That + top of my class was good enough to be recruited somewhat aggressively by the Ivy Leagues.  Received an application waiver from Stanford.


    Applied to none of them because none of them are good meteorology schools (or don't offer the undergrad major at all.)  Lmao! 😂

  3. Bombastinator


    Yeah, I got a call from Harvard.  I knew better though.  I would have gotten eaten there.

  4. Schnoz


    @Techstorm970 @BombastinatorThere are a lot of good universities I'm going to apply for soon. I'm aiming for MIT first and foremost--I was able to visit it in February right before things shut down due to one of their programs for high school students. The campus,, culture, and focus on engineering really excites me, and I also got to visit the e-waste bin there (it's massive and is refilled daily).

  5. Bombastinator


    I had a grandfather who was captain of the MIT football team.  (Yes, that was a really long time ago). I understand if you’re science and engineering it is (or was when I had knowledge of that sort of stuff) THE place in the United States to be.  There were smaller schools who had specific programs, but it was pretty much the one that had the seriously deep bench.  There will be smaller schools that have high grade programs but they will be niche.  Not merely chemistry but, say ceramics chemistry. (To mention a random one from 30 years ago that has no bearing on anything) There are some great schools in California too though. It depends on what you want to do.  

  6. Drama Lama

    Drama Lama

    Everyone: „ I want to go to MIT because it’s an awesome place with smart people and I want to become an engineer ( or whatever MIT graduates do )


    @Schnoz : „ yea I’m only here for the electronics-waste  bin

  7. Schnoz


    @Drama LamaThat's one of the things that makes MIT appealing to me, but academics and student life are definitely the bigger parts. I already mentioned how I love MIT's focus on engineering, but the student life is also amazing. I even got to go through MIT's extensive tunnel system and learn how people were able to access the top of that famous dome.