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Oh no...Sony's doing a black Friday sale on their Xperia 1 II and 5 II reducing both by £200 (from £1000/800 to 800/600). 


The 5 II really is calling out to me...do I really need to upgrade tho? :/ 

  1. PCGuy_5960
  2. Mr.Meerkat


    @PCGuy_5960Aight, you've convinced me. Although I've only owned my Xperia 1 for 14 months, the deal is just too good. 


    I mean the Xperia 5 II literally fixes every single issue and wishes I have ever had with my Xperia 1...it's like they read my mind.

    - Battery life: the 3330mAh battery in the 1 comfortably gave me a day of usage but nothing more. 4000mAh@1080p instead of 4K will easily fix that wish. 

    - Headphone jack, don't need to say much 

    - Zoom lens, 50mm FF-equivalent isn't enough for my uses whereas the 70mm FF-equivalent on the mk2s is exactly what I wished for. 

  3. PCGuy_5960


    The 5II is really underrated.