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What absolute dumbass decided that a transparent menu bar for macOS Big Sur was a good idea? Seriously? Someone at Apple saw that this can happen:



And said, "yeah, that looks fantastic." 


The best part is that you can't disable it! You either have to enable reduced transparency system wide or switch your wallpaper to something black 🤡

  1. like_ooh_ahh


    I'd also say that the new icons for Big Sur are fugly by making them look like iOS icons. I prefer the icons of Catalina but imo, the icons of OS X Yosemite is the best looking.

  2. DrMacintosh


    Yeah, the iMove icon is the worst offender. It's just the old Logo but straight and on a white background 🤢 


    The other icons I'm mostly ok with except for the dumb gradients on the messages app and FaceTime. 

  3. Ashley xD

    Ashley xD

    you realize your full name is in that screenshot?

  4. DrMacintosh
  5. RGProductions


    That and the god damn rounded upper window corners. Somebody better fix those two things ASAP.