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2020MBP was having a minor stroke. Opened it from sleep, keyboard was not being detected. Force shut down and keyboard came back but system was very unresponsive and laggy. Ended up removing Malware Bytes but I don't think that was needed. Just had to reset the SMC. 

  1. ProjectBox153


    Yeah, keyboard issues along with slow performance always seem to be SMC related. On a side note: don't try to update to Big Sur right now. It won't work. 

  2. DrMacintosh


    was just going to make a backup with Time Machine. Was going to wait a bit before considering updating. 

  3. BuckGup


    I have had similar issues as well. My trackpad simply won't respond for a few seconds when I wake it from sleep

  4. DrMacintosh


    yeah, that's been happening to mine for as long as I can remember. 

  5. BuckGup


    All macbooks or just the 2020 version?


  6. DrMacintosh


    i've only got my 2020 model, nothing similar happened with my 2016