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My Logitech Z313 Speaker system is crackling now. Usually happens when the machine turns off and while its booting up. 

  1. TheGlenlivet


    I used to have a Logitech system like that one.  Best Buy special kinda junk.  It did the same thing yours's is and then stopped working altogether. I replaced it with a Razer Leviathan.

    It still works after about 3 years of use.


  2. DrMacintosh


    Interesting. I'll start looking for a replacement then. Yeah, it was BestBuy special cheap for sure. But until recently it was a perfectly fine speaker setup. Having a sub is very nice, especially when playing World of Warships. 

  3. TheGlenlivet


    Yeah that music at the log in screen is probably what broke the speakers in the first place hehe


    The Razer seems to be a case of you get what you pay for.  It's a lot more than the Logitech stuff but seems to be better built.

  4. DrMacintosh


    lol, I just took a look at that soundbar. Don't think my desk setup would allow for something like that. Need something smaller

  5. Trik'Stari




    I bought these back in 2017 when I had money leftover from my moms life insurance, they still sound amazing. Worth it despite the high price. Especially considering how small they actually are. I keep them on their sides under my main monitor.


    Only complaint is that the aux cable they came with is kind of shitty.