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Every censored comment from mods should come with a warning and an explanation. Leaving them unchecked to hide whatever they please is ridiculous. 

  1. SpaceGhostC2C


    They are not "unchecked", other mods and admins can see hidden content.

  2. wkdpaul


    Every pointless comments from users should be expected to be removed.


    When people come here and ask for help, we're expecting other member to help, mocking and trolling isn't allowed as per the Community Standards. I'm sorry for not sending a PM (sometimes life gets in the way and I forgot to send the PM), consider the above the explanation as why your reply was removed.

  3. LogicalDrm


    Added to above, by using the forums you agree on our rules which state:


    The moderation team reserve the right to terminate any and all accounts or remove any content at any stage without prior notice.


  4. colonel_mortis


    If something is removed by a moderator, we generally expect that either the member is given a warning, sent a PM, or a note is left in the topic that some posts have been removed. Sometimes that action can end up a bit delayed (either due to the moderator who took the action not having time to also send a PM, or because we are still discussing the appropriate action to take), and occasionally it doesn't happen at all for various reasons. As far as I am aware, that last case is fairly rare, and if it does become more frequent then I will do my best to correct that.


    If you do have issues with moderators in future, feel free to send me a PM and I can look into it for you.