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After over a week with the Note20 Ultra i still cant seem to get it to last even half as long as my 2 year old Mate 20 Pro. My usuage havnt changed between the two devices but i still have to charge the note 2-3 times a day with medium power saving on compared to the small topoff during the evening with the mate

  1. WaggishOhio383


    That definitely doesn't seem right... I've had my S8 for almost 2 years now and I still only go through around 30-40% of the battery in a day. Unless you're on the phone like ALL the time, or using some app that drains the battery like crazy, you shouldn't have to charge that often. You might want to have the battery checked out.

  2. Star Paladin Vinyl

    Star Paladin Vinyl

    Gonna try a fresh install and hope that it fixes it, otherwise ill ask for a replacement