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  1. dizmo


    Seems pretty fair to me.

  2. Damascus


    So uh, you didn't accept the order 


    And they gave a refund anyways


    The problem here is?

  3. dizmo


    @Damascus He's probably upset they didn't give him cash 🙄

  4. The Blackhat

    The Blackhat

    What a load of BS. I never knew such an entitled loser actually existed.


    Edit: sorry, thought this was an @CircleTechstatus

  5. dizmo


    @The Blackhat No no, if it was it'd be about his net worth, how he has/has had an internet business, or how we're all living our lives wrong based on our spending habits.

  6. AluminiumTech


    @Damascus They didn't actually notify me when they tried to deliver and then they blamed me for not having a crystal ball and knowing when they tried to deliver.


    @dizmo No the problem was Deliveroo was refusing to make an exception to a policy decision not to offer refunds where restaurants provide their own delivery and then there's an issue arising out of that.


    @The Blackhat Press X to doubt. You knew it wasn't a CicleTech status updae.

  7. dizmo


    @AluminiumTech Soooo you knew the policy was already in place? If not, perhaps you should have made yourself aware of their policies before using the service. Either way, they gave you credit, so it's not like you're out anything. If you have that much of an issue with it, file a charge back through your credit card company.


    @CircleTech I don't think I've ever seen any political rhetoric from you, and I just attribute the latter to you being American 🤷‍♂️

  8. Evolution.


    Replying to this so I get updates on this dumpster fire. Hopefully doesnt get taken down by the morning my free entertainment.