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i LOVE the new start menu changes in the latest Insider build. 



that looks SO GOOD!






  1. Origami Cactus

    Origami Cactus

    Oh no. I might even have to update my windows version soon, they are actually making progress. Im currently on 1903.

  2. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    Ashley MLP Fangirl

    oof. although this is something you won't even find on 2004. it's only available in the insider dev channel currently. 

  3. Origami Cactus

    Origami Cactus

    Ah okay. My biggest peave with windows updates is that in 2004 they removed the ability to skip windows updates. If each version is supported for 18 months, why can't i wait until then to update?

  4. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    Ashley MLP Fangirl

    @Origami Cactus well, just because it's supported doesn't mean it's good to stay on an old version. there are features that get rolled out in newer versions but developers can only take advantage of those if everyone is on a version that supports them, otherwise apps break for people using older versions. so by not updating you are actively hindering the innovation in development of third party Windows programs. 

  5. Origami Cactus

    Origami Cactus

    Oh well, that is the price for stability i guess. I have used win 10 from 1507, and everytime i updated a month after a new feature upgrade, something broke. So starting 1803 i put it on hold for 365 days. 

    I might put in on 180 days tbh, 1907 was an okay update.

  6. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    Ashley MLP Fangirl

    @Origami Cactus i don't understand what that all comes from, all the talk about stability. i mean i run Dev, which is known to have issues, and the only issues i've ever encountered with it are known problems that are clear when a new build gets released. the whole point of it is sending it to us insiders to get it running on more hardware, then we give feedback and they solve the problem. 


    i've never had a single bsod on stable or insider that wasn't due to hardware issues, and even insider dev is very stable for me... 


    now i should say that runing insider, especially dev on a daily driver is stupid and you shouldn't but yeah... i like it and i have a backup laptop that's on stable in case something goes wrong. 

  7. Origami Cactus

    Origami Cactus

    The stability issue is still very prevalent. They even had huge issues about it this very year.


    The insiders discovered a huge problem, windows was deleting the files. They all reported it early on to microsoft, but microsoft just ignored them, still pushed the broken update, and low and behold, even after a month or 2 it was broken.


    So until microsoft starts actually listening to insiders, i won't have my updates earlier than 6 months.

  8. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    Ashley MLP Fangirl

    @Origami Cactus you mean the 1809 days? i ran the insider builds for it and i didn't notice. so there's that. 


    also they listen really well. i can't speak for insider Windows but i talk daily with the community manager for Edge on the Microsoft Community discord, and i've reported some bugs to her personally and lemme tell you they listen to the insiders. 


    now yes, that's an entirely different team working on a seperate project, but still. you can't generalize microsoft as one giant corporation. there are many teams there and yes, some are easier to reach than others, but still, in general i feel like they listen. 

  9. Origami Cactus

    Origami Cactus

    I mean even the 1907 had a controversy, so windows blocked some devices from receiving it.

    So did the 2004.

    To be fair, 2 months seems to be when windows has fixed most stuff, but they have limited it to 35days in 2004, which is pretty unacceptable.


    To be fair, you have a very safe parts list on your pc, and if you use normal programs, then you shouldn't notice any issues either way, but as it stands every major windows update manages to break some niche professional program, so i just can't be bothered to loose any more time reinstalling windows than i already have.


    Lets agree that for normal users, timely feature updates are okay, but if i payed for win 10 pro, i want my pc to be stable as long as i need it to be, not risking with pushed on updates.


  10. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    Ashley MLP Fangirl

    @Origami Cactus it's 1909, and i'm not aware of known issues at the time. maybe with drivers but like, they didn't update affected devices. i know 2004 has issues with Storage Spaces (barnacules talked about that on Tech Talk) but like who uses that as a general consumer... also they are not updating affected devices. what more can you ask of them to do? not update any devices until all possible issues are sorted? 


    also please remember that even the data deletion thing was a VERY small number of users. as i said i ran insider for 1809 and it was fine for me. like, as always with these things it's an insanely small minority but the media clickbaits the hell out of it.