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are we just not gonna talka bout apple now having dropped support for basically all 2012 Mac's and some 2013 one's?


there was no reason for them to do that. also those machines were still perfectly usable and now end up in landfill.


i don't understadn these 2 sides of apple. on one hand the iphone 6s is still supported under iOS 14, so it'll possibly get dropped with iOS 15, in the fall of 2021. it'll be 6 years old then. 


on the other hand they unsupport Mac's that are modern in every way. have everything. retina screens, usb 3.0, etc etc. why?

  1. sub68


    I don’t understand apple 

    but I really want a old MacBook Pro for music

  2. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    Ashley MLP Fangirl

    @VegetableStu history will repeat itself. if you bought a powermac G5 Quadcore, apple's most expensive desktop in 2005, you got support until 2009. 4 years. that's it. because it came out right before the switch to intel. 


    they will do the same thing now. if you buy an Intel Mac now, you get a max of 4 to 5 years on that. 

  3. The Sloth
  4. GDRRiley


    I'd say my GF would kinda care but she often runs 2-3 versions back of mac OSX I want to say shes only 1 back right now.