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You know, with Joe Bidens sudden and sharp mental decline, it's entirely possible that Joe Biden has an episode that forces him out of the race. Either an on stage performance that results in a near stroke for Joe Biden and completely removes all of Joes credibility or a episode in private that requires him to be unable to continue his campaign. 


What is really scary is that if Joe doesnt drop out before the convention, he could have a stroke/episode before the General. Of course the previous statement omits the fact that Trump would absolutely eviscerate Joe in a debate. Trump might also be suffering from mental decline....but its nowhere near as advanced as Joes is. 


Joe Biden was a completely different person just 4 years ago, now he needs professional help and needs to relax and retire. Bernie Sanders has to be the Nominee, otherwise Trump wins. There is no other option if Democrats want to beat Trump in 2020. 

  1. Jeve Stobs
  2. SenKa
  3. Jeve Stobs

    Jeve Stobs

    I still can't believe he won Super Thursday. I mean he needs all the support he can get if he wants to be on the United States Senate.?



  4. imreloadin


    Even if he did have a debilitating stroke the media would still push him over Sanders...



    I still can't believe he won Super *Tuesday*

    @Jeve Stobs he only won because a third of the remaining candidates dropped out and endorsed him literally the DAY before the primaries, he wouldn't have performed at the level he did without that which is why deals were made with Pete and Klob.

  5. Jeve Stobs

    Jeve Stobs

    @imreloadin Super Thursday was a joke not a typo. As was the United States Senate blunder. The media will put Bernie down again and have Biden be the nominee. They did it in 2016 and they will probably do it again.

  6. Java


    At least this election cycle I can drink legally.  It’ll help make things bearable.  

  7. Damascus


    American elections have been my favourite dumpster fire to watch since 2015-2016 lol.  You've got hypocritical neocon socialists on one side, and hypocritical warbird capitalists on the other.