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I found out I have a pocket watch in my possession that's give or take 97 years old.


( It's also not really worth anything :B )

  1. tophercrunch
  2. ARikozuM


    Unfortunately, there also aren't many people who would use a pocket watch these days. Hell, aside from cosplayers, I can't think of anyone who would still use them. 

  3. Mira Yurizaki

    Mira Yurizaki

    They're good for converting into wrist watches, but the ol' needing to wind them up thing kind of makes it less convenient than the automatic watch I have.

  4. fpo


    I’ve a few. I wouldn’t use them because idk how long the springs will hold up. Additionally IF I can find someone that could repair it, idk how much that’ll cost. 


    They're cool heirlooms though. 

  5. TVwazhere


    I actually think they're pretty cool. I showed interest in my fathers that he got as a teenager in high school, and as a high school graduating gift they got me my own....


    About a year later the fucking hands fell off the middle spindle and were resting at the bottom of the glass LOL ?

  6. Windows7ge


    That's more interesting than the Indian head penny I found on the floor one day at work. Printed in 1903. Doesn't have significant value.