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Ya boy got a 32" 1440P 144HZ HDR Curved monitor for christmas. Its a big boi and I love it

  1. dizmo


    No picture? Disappoint.

  2. SenKa
  3. dizmo


    Ohhhh nice! I was looking at the LG versions of that monitor for a while.
    However I've pushed back my rig update for 5 or 6 months. So I'll just go straight to the 32:9 1440p.

  4. SenKa


    @dizmo Came from 32:9 1080p, gave it up because twitch streaming with ultrawides is buggy as all hell and does not work

  5. dizmo


    Ahh, not a problem I have ;)
    You could still play at 21:9 resolutions if you so desired, yes?