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I need a blower style GPU. I wish RX 5700s weren’t so expensive. Vega 56 is affordable but the performance improvement isn’t that great coming from an RX 580. 

I need a blower cooler because my modded PowerMac G5 case cannot exhaust the hot air from my 580. The hot air just stays in the top compartment and gets recirculated. A blower card would exhaust all the hot air directly out the rear and would probably lower my average temps as a result. 

  1. SenKa


    Vega 64 or Vega Frontier Edition are out of the question? Prices have come down quite a bit last I checked (especially the latter)

  2. DrMacintosh


    Can’t really find any Vega 64s. Also those run incredibly hot with a blower cooler

  3. SenKa
  4. soldier_ph
  5. DriftMan


    Maybe a liquid cooled GPU? or attaching a CPU liquid cooler to it (i.e. using NZXT G10/G12)? Silent and double cool