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It's so hot today that my PC can't run any cooler than 35C at idle.

  1. XtremeTechGaming


    It's pretty cold here in NYC

  2. Yummychickenblue
  3. rambi36


    Yeah what XtremeTechGaming said it only 40-45 degrees here and it spring -_-

  4. Yummychickenblue


    It's raining here.

  5. TheNinjaNextDor


    Yeah, it's 31 right now, it was around 35 earlier.

  6. TheNinjaNextDor


    lol what state?

  7. Yummychickenblue


    Like a lot of rain its been raining for the past 2 days.

  8. TheNinjaNextDor


    it rained not too long ago. im in CA

  9. terrytek


    OMG, it is almost 100 here in NorCal. But I'm here for ya, bby.

  10. Yummychickenblue
  11. TheNinjaNextDor


    ooh, i might move there actually, or GA or OH i dont know yet lol

    it was 97 all day, maybe more sometimes. im sweating in my house sitting down

  12. terrytek


    Lucky. At least you got the ocean.

  13. TheNinjaNextDor


    well my PC went down to 32, that's basically ambient. Probably since i close photoshop in the background LOL

  14. TheNinjaNextDor


    yeah, true. i never go in it though lol i dont know why, i just dont like it

  15. TheNinjaNextDor


    it does definitely help the weather. its usually around 70 here and when you go 15min away its 80 kind of thing.

  16. Yummychickenblue


    Oh cool! (about the state thing no pun intended(unless you were talking about terrys state))

  17. rambi36


    Lucky -_-

  18. Anthony10


    Hey ninja, totally off topic, but did you ever find out how to paint your pci lanes?

  19. TheNinjaNextDor


    no, i really might be moving there lol maybe Texas or Wisconsin idk

    i really really wanted to paint them, but it turns out you can't take them off, so it's basically: try to tape them off because if you screw up it's over

  20. Yummychickenblue


    Nice! you try getting a new motherboard with the color PCI lanes you want.

  21. Anthony10


    so if you put ductatape or something over the rest of the motherboard but the PCI lanes/ram slots very carefully, it could be done?

  22. Yummychickenblue


    Also Off-Topic: why does it say your 74 years old? (are you actually that old you don't seem like you are)

  23. TheNinjaNextDor


    yeah, it could be. you also have to worry about paint in them and all that.

    i definitely will get a new motherboard when Broadwell comes out. I don't want to be tooo far behind. though if i have to choose between 880 and 5770K (whatever it will be called) i will get the 880

  24. TheNinjaNextDor


    no, i just thought that putting 13 would make people... idk not trust me or something lol

    i put it as the first day of WWII, though I wanted it to be in the 300s, I don't think you can

  25. TheNinjaNextDor


    i mean have it say 300 kind of thing.

    btw this song on that website Lays linked is amazing: http://rainbowbunchie.com/