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Hey all, wanted to log back in to give some hellos to y'all.


It's been a loooong time since I was on here and actually did anything. I logged back in in March-ish to quickly post something to the new PSU tier list - which appears to be going strong - about how they should pin and continue updating it since I don't plan to do anything with my list. To be honest, I've kind of fallen out of interest with technology as of recent. It used to be all I would talk about and all I thought about. Ya know the sort of thing you'd do, where you spend hours a day coming up with wacky builds on PCPP? Yeah, it's been awhile since I've really had that kind of interest in computer hardware. Maybe it's because the market has kind of stagnated in this field but it hasn't kept my interest up like it used to. I've mostly been into cars for the last year or so when I started my job at a local car dealership. I bought myself a beautiful blue Subaru Legacy GT Wagon with a 5-speed manual back in December and have been putting lots of time and money into that car. I've also since swapped out my 1700X for an 8600K due to RAM issues I had with Ryzen and it seems that my new system continues to have them ?


I've gone through a lot of overwhelming life stresses in the past few months and it's been a roller coaster. I've made a few new friends, had a couple relationships (both ending in being cheated on, so that was a new experience), have been dealing with a lot of hell from my mom (who got married to a guy she argues with all the damn time) have planned a trip to New York in August to see some friends and also leave the West coast for the first time, and have just been trying to go through the motions until life feels a bit more stable. Been binging that new Avicii album a ton too, hopefully y'all have taken some time to listen to it!


I miss a lot of the people on the forum but as I logged off last year, I kind of realized I hadn't had the same interest in things like PSUs and stuff like that that I once had. Hoping y'all are doing well! I probably will post on here in Off Topic until tech stuff piques my interest again as my interests tend to come and go. I probably won't get around to the thousands of notifications I have so if I missed something really important then let me know! 

  1. DarkBlade2117


    Ohh jealous of the car. Was looking for a Subaru but ended up with a 2017 Forte5 EX with only 9500 miles for $14,500 so we couldn't pass it up.

  2. givingtnt


    ->InsertsInserts every single piece of tech news since the day you last logged in

  3. STRMfrmXMN


    @givingtntYeah so what all has happened on here lol


    @KaloobI think that design is pretty timeless. I really, really like the look of the Legacy wagons.

  4. givingtnt


    Also, ya gotta pump those numbers up !

    So close

    But yeah, I feel what you mean with the whole tech thing kinda slowing down.
    Tbh I kinda feel that too, I still have some interest, but it's kinda loosing traction over time

  5. STRMfrmXMN


    @givingtntHmm, four posts more you say? I think you mean OFF TOPIC FOR LIFE


    @KaloobI'm not really sure why they killed the Legacy wagon here. I think the Levorg is an AUS thing only, but I'm not sure. Either way, it would be cool to have here but they only would sell it with a CVT so even if we got a WRX engine in one it would still kinda suck a little. But alas, I'd gladly take one since the supply of wagons here in America is so slim :(

  6. DarkBlade2117


    Hatchbacks and wagons are where it's at. I absolutely despise this era of SUVs and people buying pickup trucks for show trucks. I'm ok with SOME crossovers as some people actually have a use for them eh..

  7. givingtnt


    I ment 3 more so that you would look even more on the edge !

  8. RGProductions


    Holy shit, I'm feeling something super similar, and a really similar thing happened to me. Recently I came back a little, and it's good seeing the forum, but tech just doesn't get em excited anymore. Equally, cars are fun for me as well. 

  9. LukeSavenije


    I'll just come and say hi, I'm the new guy for you


    I work on the psu tier list and @LienusLateTips stole your Pokémon

  10. Sauron


    Well, nice to hear from you again

  11. ONOTech


    SUBARU SQUAD! Hey man, great to hear from you. You have a community here for you whenever!

  12. STRMfrmXMN


    Annnnd I forgot to post back here after a couple days, dangit. 56 notifications in two days too, I forgot just how quickly they pile up!


    I missed y'all, glad to hear from ya. Also, @ONOTechhadn't checked your subscriber count in awhile... HOLY FUCK MAN YOU'VE BLOWN UP! Congrats dude!


    For those who like car paint porn, I polished my car today after a deep clean with a pressure washer and a brand-new wash mitt. Looks pretty :)

  13. STRMfrmXMN


    I'm not sure what is in the paint or clear coat in this car but Subaru put way more effort into making the paint last in the fourth generation Legacy than any other car they've made prior. Only wish I could garage my car.

  14. werto165


    Your interests are going to change over time for sure. I mean I was super into PC hardware then it just doesn't seem to have the spark it used to do. I kinda just enjoy learning more about how the hardware works now rather than just looking at the different components. I was never really into PCPP but I know a lot of people on this forum are. Life gets in the way sometimes too, sounds like you've had a rough time but keep your head up :) I don't know if u remember speaking to me I think we skyped what like 3 or 4 years ago now can't exactly what we talked about but I think I talked about getting into drones and u talked about PSU's. I'd love to get into cars I'm thinking about doing a custom HUD for a car once I get enough money who knows it could work for your car too ;), I did a whole uni project where it was reading CAN messages (twisted wire communication that most if not all cars use, might have heard of OBDII?) . Yeah I have been binging the avicii album too, what's your favourite song? mine is the one with nanoo baoi (can't spell off the top of my head lol) SOS is pretty good too.