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Anyone caught looking at pr0n without a license in the UK will be beheaded by her Majesty herself personally in view of the public. With her royal family as witness standing by her side.



  1. Schnoz


    Queen: Congrats you're knighted

    Knight: Thanks, I-

    Queen: And we know you're watching porn. *prepares katana* time to die

  2. Windows7ge


    The big question is how will they know? Most people don't openly admit or discuss it and teen can get their hands on VPNs. I don't see what their government can really do about it. Or why they care.

  3. Tech_Dreamer


    Not sure , afaik the current situation is to have parent sites having to manage access through their own form of restriction, it's not yet under complete scrutinized control of access


    @DildorTheDecent ; How dat thing work?

  4. Windows7ge


    I only know of one man in existence who openly discussed with his parents sex, porn, and asked for their permission each time before he jacked off growing up.


    Good luck in hell having an entire country do that.

  5. Tech_Dreamer


    oh god wow! for real? each time asking mom or dad for that?

  6. Windows7ge


    Yeah, he had a bit of an OCD issue going on. He described a lot of his weird tendencies as "rituals" and asking for his parents permission before jacking off was one of them. He was also really religious at the time and somehow he justified masturbation as being OK (even though it was against the religion) because his parents gave permission...it was weird...


    He got over it though...now he doesn't ask permission...

  7. DildorTheDecent


    You're supposedly going to have to ask the newsagent or some other shop for a "porn pass"


    Anyone who wants to buy a porn pass will need to go to a physical shop, where the person behind the till will request proof of age, such as a driver's licence or other form of ID.

    They will then be able to buy a printed voucher with a 16-digit code to be plugged into the Portes app. Through this app they will be able to gain access to age-gated sites. OCL has partnered with AgeID, a company which provides age-verification and is owned by MindGeek — an umbrella company which also owns PornHub, YouPorn, and RedTube.



  8. Windows7ge


    So it's kind of like we're going back in time when buying porn mags from gas stations and R rated videos from rental stores was popular. Now you have to essentially do the same to get a porn-pass. I'm willing to bet they won't be free either. I'm also curious how long each are good for.

  9. DildorTheDecent


    About £5 for a single device pass and £9 for multi-device I think.


  10. Windows7ge


    That's so stupid...I'd rather just pay for a VPN.

  11. CircleTech


    @Windows7ge if i was a parent i wouldnt even want to know if my kid was jacking off. That stays private to them only.

  12. Tech_Dreamer


    i thought the whole idea was to verify age strictly as the main idea, why they make it a pay gate stuff? they're profiting from blocking it specifically & is literally taxing people at this point for adult contents like a toll gate. seems unreasonable.

  13. CircleTech


    @DildorTheDecent i guruantee those will be sold on black markets.

  14. DildorTheDecent


    I don't doubt that @CUDAcores89


    A keygen utility would be genius.