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Oh how I love these headphones for anything from diving deep into my Spotify playlists to casually watching videos.


The £113 price tag I bought these for has remedied what I seemingly overpaid for these because of how nice these are to use, and they look the part too, especially with the logo skin I applied.



  1. Silentprototipe


    M50X huh, I went a whole different route with the AR3BT's. Because wires suck xD 

  2. sowon


    That's what the M50xBT exists for! ;) Unfortunately the M50xBT don't seem to come in white so M50xBT is a no-go.

  3. Silentprototipe


    @seoz Thats $200 :/. I do N O T have $200 burning in my pocket xD. Plus I got my AR3BT's in white soooooo. Yeah :P

  4. savagepain


    @seoz same have the same pair love it