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  1. AluminiumTech


    For a second there I read Bourgeoisie xD.

  2. MEC-777
  3. Queen Chrysallis
  4. Queen Chrysallis

    Queen Chrysallis

    Am i a weirdo or does anyone else loves to touch a dog's wet nose? i find that so soothing e...e

  5. LukeSavenije


    @ReggieGRS nah, you're a weirdo

  6. Queen Chrysallis

    Queen Chrysallis

    ah fuck it i like it and will keep doing

    If i ever see your dog, i WILL touch its nose at least 5 times

    If you try to prevent me i WILL uppercut you

  7. MEC-777


    @ReggieGRS You're not alone. ;) I do that too, lol. 

  8. Schnoz
  9. Tech_Dreamer


    The face you make when your owner opens the 3Tb folder of little pony character gifs to post on the forum.