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This kid makes me sick:


So to preface this, I don't think it is wrong to have expensive taste, but what is wrong is having things handed to you that you don't really need.  Here is why he makes me cringe so hard:

  • This fine young gentleman built a PC for 1800$ with a 1070ti, which is just laughable by itself. 
  • He bought 32GB of RAM and is not editing videos, doing scientific researching, or CAD.
  • Most people who have a PC like this work for months or years to save up for it.
  • When building a PC at this price point, he clearly did not do much research.
  • This 1800$ PC that he built has awful cable management.
  • His parents paid for it without him doing any work, just existing was enough for him to get a 1800$.
  • He uses a 1070ti and 8700k to play GEOMETRY DASH.

People like this really get on my nerves not for there lack of knowledge, but for there blatant ignorance.  I don't mean to bash the guy, I just want to inform any other Ricegum Jr.s out there that the PCMR is not about your specifications, it is about the respect and need for the hardware and a desire to learn.

  1. LukeSavenije




    don't mind me btw, i have a 1070 ti in my 1500 euro pc


    but prices back then were a lot worse

  2. Bananasplit_00


    *sneaks away with his ~€1700 PC setup to play esports games elsewhere*

  3. LukeSavenije


    *sneaks away with 1500 euro game pc to game on a 1080p tv*

  4. Origami Cactus

    Origami Cactus

    "sneaks away with 2000+€ pc to read reddit and linustechtips forums all day"


    But on a serious note i would recommend trying to not get angry over such things, just eats you inside out.

    Yes i was very angry when my classmate got a 2000 euro pc from his parent because he said he needed it for schoolwork, and he just got it. Yes i was even more angry when he also got a 2000€ laptop 1 month after, because "you can't carry pc into school". I was even angrier when parents agreed to buy him another laptop, because he really liked the design of the MSI titan laptop(4000€ laptop btw), so his normal MSI laptop wasn't good enough. 


    But then you realize that this kinda shit happens so often, that if you get outraged every time you see it you are gonna be angry all the time.