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With what just happened, I vote for a report option that allows us to see what mods are online and easily tag them. 

  1. Den-Fi


    The report system goes to all of them, so that wouldn't work well.

    There does need to be an emergency one that at least hides a post when it gets 2 or more reports.

    I think the pornography one does that since those disappeared as soon as I reported them.

  2. DVA


    I reported the pornographic ones as well but didn't see them disappear instantly. 

    As for the report system, that's quite interesting and I was unaware of that. It's a good thing to have. I COMPLETELY agree with you. Some sort of system that auto removes or at least hides posts with 2 or more reports... 

  3. Den-Fi


    Yeah. Mods get notification that you can't dismiss until resolved so that nothing can be overlooked. I get that it's easy to abuse that system, but at least if that happens, they can dole out punishment to those that abuse the reporting system. That was easily the worst thing I've seen on this forum.

  4. DVA


    I've seen a few troll posts...but that was..well they were poorly edited. Easy to say it was a child, or someone under the age of 15. I don't ever recall being so stupid and immature when I was younger.. Albeit I'm only 24, but I never did crap like that, nor have I ever found it funny..

  5. Cyberspirit


    Uh oh, what happened?

  6. DVA


    A bunch of nonsense. Long story short, someone made a poor troll account posting pornography and obscene images. 

  7. Cyberspirit


    Just read King Poet's post and, yeah, these people need to get help.

  8. Spotty


    @King Poet they already do that. It was trialled on the beta site for a while and was brought in with the new report system when the forum got the update a few months ago. If a post gets reported from X number of users it gets hidden until its reviewed by a mod... And they will ban people abusing the system.

  9. Den-Fi


    @Spotty Yeah, I thought I remembered something like that. Though the count seems to be to high since I know at least 3 of use reported the posts.