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  1. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    Ashley MLP Fangirl

    yes i love it, it's the best keyboard i've had. 


    but like, if you are asking me if you should get one, imma say no in your case. upgrade your laptop first :) 

  2. InMiseryWeSeekPancakes


    @firelighter487 Have you seen how many keyboards I have lol? 

    I don't need anymore! I actually just want to know your opinon on it since a buddy of mine actually wants one and you have one. 

          Firstly, do you have the blue, red, brown or cherry mx speed varient of the keyboard? 

  3. Ashley MLP Fangirl

    Ashley MLP Fangirl

    i have the version with brown switches. 


    i will say this though, i've only ever owned 2 mechanical keyboards. this one and a K65 with red switches, so i don't know a lot about them. 

  4. InMiseryWeSeekPancakes


     Fair enough :)