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Is  it is possible ,that we can use the mid range laptops as 24 hour running desktop by providing better cooling and power to it. since it has a decent graphics like nvidia 940m 2gb which works fine on mid level games like battlefield 1-2-3,call of Duty 1-2-3 And also in world like games nicely at 1080p


So, could we make a desktop using an old laptop having i5 3rd or 4th gen in it


  1. karsnoordhuis


    Why not? My uncle does it too. Saves quite a lot of power when idleing and it has a ups built in (sortof)

  2. Shubham kumar pandey

    Shubham kumar pandey

    But many people say that ,this idea does not work since the laptop are not made for long working time 


  3. Origami Cactus

    Origami Cactus

    Depends on how good the cooling of the laptop is. 24/7 rendering on a laptop is probably not the best idea, but mixed workload should be doable.