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The free antivirus comes with Windows will be like



  1. Beef Boss

    Beef Boss

    It doesn't do that bad of a job lol

  2. Speed Weed

    Speed Weed

    I don't know man. It does remind me of MSE on Windows 7.

  3. Tech_Dreamer


    just saying i prefer an AV this non-intrusive rather than something that go hard on every move any file makes & pop up a notification continuously,

  4. D13H4RD


    Windows Defender? That's what I use.


    It's not the flashiest nor is it the most comprehensive. But it gets the job done well enough to the point where I have not needed payware AV software.


    The only other piece of security software I have is MalwareBytes.

  5. Speed Weed

    Speed Weed

    @Tech_Dreamer I like intrusive antivirus because I can control what to run and what not to run


    @D13H4RD2L1V3 It is alright, but it is not the best though. 

  6. D13H4RD


    It never was designed to be the best 

  7. Schnoz


    Windows gets theirs from www.free-definitely-not-a-virus-very-legitimate-antivirus-with-no-malware-spyware-or-worms-included-tor.com