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Fucking A in Math again


last term i got at least 98 on every test and got a B, will eternally hate my teacher for that

  1. jefire411


    hhhppmmm I get B's and C's in a lucky year.....

  2. DocSwag


    Reminds me of my 6th grade math teacher. I aced all the tests but she didn't like me so she would be super nit picky on homework assignments and mark me down on them. I just made sure to be super thorough so she couldn't mark me down xD

  3. LienusLateTips


    @DocSwag Once it asked me to explain a really simple question so I went "I know this is the correct answer because I know what I know. If you didn't know that, you should really reconsider your life." 



    I got 10 marks off for that.

  4. DocSwag


    My teacher sounds good compared to your's lol