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  1. Radium_Angel


    Funny you should show this. Many many many! years ago (back in the days of CRTs) I had a client that would upgrade his CRT about every 4 months. It got to the point he was spending thousands of dollars for this monster 35" CRT which took a forklift to move.

    Turns out he had no idea about the "my documents" folder, and kept running out of space on the desktop for his files, and needed a bigger and bigger monitor for all of them to fit.

  2. imreloadin


    You have folders for Game Dev, Gaming, Misc, etc. Why not create one called "Games" and throw all your game shortcuts in there?

  3. King_of_Oz


    @imreloadin Game Dev contains Visual Studio, Unity, and Blender, as well as all my coding projects. Gaming contains steam, and misc contains everything else. (Benchmarks, drivers, office, etc..) I don't really ever use the shortcuts. Mostly just search for the game on the start menu or launch them from inside steam. Not worth the trouble. Make an "everything" folder on my laptop, and that's the only thing on my desktop there.